University of Lethbridge

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Historically I never learned to speak.

I can eat tuna right from the packet.

Beach episode except its only crabs.

The lightbulb existed before light.

How to stop ants from learning philosophy and taking over Belarus.

I'm processing the thousands of ways I could kill a crab.

Oh no, our turntable is broken!

Unify our archives within the Wandering Library.

Possums, good.

Encrypted communication is not as secure as unencrypted communication since encryption can be broken with enough computing power.

Once this church is built, God is cancelled.

Does a void exist within a cage, or is it the other way around?

Mini-map number-pad indicates nearby terrestial molecules.

Imagine being a entity; couldn't be my family.

Gorilla gule applied liberally to heal wounds

Add minimum salt content to the pot, then begin to stir.

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